In this great interview, Penelope Camarata shares how she went from being an EMS Dispatcher to now supporting EMS and First Responders in processing their trauma. Penelope has an upcoming book and is now working on continuing education programs for EMS and First Responders.

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0:00 Introduction & how Penelope got into this type of coaching.

4:00 Getting back to the root cause of trauma and Penelope’s coaching methods. 

11:00 Social co-regulation and the importance of being around safe people.

12:30 Dysregulating and unsafe therapy experiences.

14:30 Continuing Education for First Responders in PA.

17:00 Incorporating energy healing and creating safety for the coaching client. Training for leadership.

25:00 Stigmas around getting mental health care. Healing is possible but we should not be doing it alone. Codependency and hypervigilance/hyperindependence and the trap of our false beliefs without outside input. 

38:00 The risk of suicide for EMS and First Responders, suffering in silence, and how suicide affects those who are left behind. 

48:00 Penelope’s upcoming projects and her new book for first responders. 

52:00 This is all normal and it can get better!

55:00 Final thoughts, Penelope’s contact info, and coaching programs.

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