In this episode, I have a conversation with powerhouse Jena Michelle, who experienced a kundalini awakening as a fundamentalist Christian. 

Jena Michelle was already trauma-informed when she was hospitalized against her will, by a healthcare system that is NOT trauma-informed. She’s now navigating a new reality, and she’s here to share her challenges, her hopes and dreams, and her post-traumatic growth.

0:00 Pointing out a problem means you become the problem, and how to simply walk among the problems, instead of trying to change and fix them. Jena Michelle’s post-traumatic growth after being held in hospital against her will. Trauma, polyvagal theory, exploring consciousness.

4:30 non-duality, how the Course In Miracles changes your mindset, negative self-talk, failures in biohacking trauma. Original sin. 

8:30 processing anger and rage during grief.

10:30 The truth of the nervous system: the nervous system does not lie. 

13:30 Toxic positivity in the spiritual community, physical pain and depression, John Sarno’s book the Divided Mind

23:30 blaming the neurodivergent instead of helping them. 

36:30 religion can prevent us from experiencing god. 

32:30 the psychosis of jesus, pysical violence, spankings, parental rage, 

36:30 The shadow is as good as the gift. perimenopause and trauma, how women differ from men, neurologically, starting at puberty, normalizing the energy fluctuations, living outside off time. 

43:30 People being “concerned” 

46:30 Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*uck 

47:30 Healing through telling your truth. Self-abandonment and choosing yourself. The strength of sensitivity. 

51:30 Highly sensitive, autistic, ADHD or just trauma? 

57:30 Using Human design in the healing process

59:30 Normalizing trauma and nervous system dysregulation and living with trauma within the context of our old belief systems.

01:15:30 Blaming demons, navigating losing relationships as you heal and grow. Deconstructing your own false beliefs, deconstructing religion. Our need for community and social co-regulation. 

01:28:30 The mass exodus from religion, the real awakening. #metoo #ustoo 

01:40:30 Barbie movie, feminism, our need for feminist men, and for safe men

01:45:30 God created everything, even the things you don’t like. The strange fuckery that is in the bible, a few moments of blasphemy. 

01:48:30 The broken system, not trauma-informed. 

01:59:00 Jena Michelle’s contact info – @iamjenamichelle @reallifewholelife on Tiktok