Life, death, healing, grace and everything in between.

In this episode, Maria and guest Joey Ihly discuss spirituality, healing, forgiveness, grace, psychedelic experiences and more. 
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00: Introduction, guest Joey Ihly, 
2:52 Healing the mind, body, and spirit
4:15 Productive stress vs. external stress, avoiding boredom
9:45 Ketamine therapy update
12:30 Joey’s MDMA experience
20:30 Incorporating meditation and practices to support neuroplasticity
27:15 Hawkin’s scale of consciousness
29:39 Choosing to be grateful even when things are not perfect. 
31:30 Stuck in my story, minimizing my success, the impact we have on others even when we are not intending to. 
34:30 Generational poverty consciousness. 
40:30 Not enoughness, addiction to drama, comfort in familiarity, creating problems where they don’t exist. 
46:30 Law of attraction, the quantum universe, past lives, becoming more you.
53:00 The LSD God Experience, psychedelics in the healing journey,
1:08:45 Finding grace, trusting the process
1:13:45 True alchemy, transforming our pain into healing, radical forgiveness. 
1:20:30 Prebirth contracts
1:25:00 Grief and grieving, the Audrey Hale Nashville school shooting,  ascending levels of consciousness, choosing peace by trusting in a power greater than ourselves. 
1:34:00 When to stop fixing yourself. The power of grace and acceptance. 
144:10 Beginning of the end of the episode, with further discussion.
145:00 Protocol versus practice, somatic responses to emotional issues, hypervigilance
150:00 Joey attending Dr. Joe Dispenza’s week-long retreat in Denver. 
2:06:00 What if you’re already there? 
2:08:00 Enlightenment and not giving a f*ck. 
2:10:30 The athiest TicTok debater’s confidence (look him up), “I remember my first beer.” 
2:16:00 Forgetting who we are in the veiled human experience, god’s insane sense of humor.
2:19:00 The importance of belly laughs and not taking it too seriously.
2:21:00 Actual belly laughs.  
02:27:00 Keeping the faith, beleiving in this or better, turning off the news, true crime and how it relates to our trauma, the algorithm, waking up in the dream. 

Books, Resources and Tools Mentioned In This Episode

Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, Mark Manson

Healing Developmental Trauma, How Early Trauma Affects Self-Regulation, Self-Image, and the Capacity for Relationship by Laurence Heller, Tom Perkins, et al,

Books by Dr. Joe Dispenza,

Timothy Schultz Lottery Winners Podcast: