First, I refer to Audrey as her, because she was a her when I knew her, and she only went by Audrey when I knew her, which was in 2017 for 2 semesters at Nossi College of Art. 

:27 Why was I called for Interviews in the Audrey Hale/Aiden Hale case.
2:00 How and how long I knew Audrey Hale. We had a strictly teacher/student relationship.
4:40 It wasn’t demons, it was a mentally ill person did this. People who are in their right minds do not kill or harm others. 
6:00 What I observed on her social media over the past year and what I saw of her in the short period she was in my classes. 
9:30 Glorifying guns, taking 3 professional courses, she planned.
10:00 Why do we tell people that they’re “an abomination”?
10:30 Why does a certain group of people believe A Course In Miracles is “evil” when it’s really a lesson in forgiving the world (ps. #wwjd I think that’s what Jesus did right?)? 
11:00 Did god create murderers? Did god create people with mental health issues? 
12:40 Witch hunts never solve anything, they create more hatefulness. We all need to do better.

I really did not know a ton. If you have questions feel free to #AMA on Reddit. I will not be taking comments on YouTube.