Sensitive content warning: The following episode covers sensitive subjects including physical violence and familial violence and may not be suitable for all listeners. 

:00 Walking on eggshells vs. being on the same team.
5:15 Keeping score, resentments, invalidation, minimizing, and dismissing.
6:25 Confronting parents and family with the patterns. Spankings versus beatings, and parental rage. Visual memory triggers. Repressed memories and disassociation. 
17:00 Forgiving your dysregulated, dysfunctional parents
23:00 A knife to the throat
26:45 codependency – the egotism of rescuing others instead of yourself, choosing broken people, allowing the behavior, and the part we play by forgiving them over and over.

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#cptst #complexptsd #codependency #childhoodabuse

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