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New Book Helps People Identify Toxic Relationships FAST

 Toxic relationships are more common than people would like to admit. A lot of people are in toxic relationships, and they either have trouble recognizing this or don’t know how to get out of the relationships. This is where author Maria Colomy comes in.

Maria has written a small but powerful book; They Might Be Toxic. The book is an eye-opener for anyone going through a toxic relationship.  (read more)

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I wrote They Might Be Toxic after experiencing years of repeated patterns of toxic relationships. I’ve been a lifelong learner, and a teacher, so for me, sharing about this subject was only natural. (read more)

Meet The Hosts

Pilar Casado

Pilar Casado

Maria Colomy

Maria Colomy

Hosts of They Might Be Toxic, Pilar & Maria share their honest experiences, growth, laughs and insights about their experiences with toxic relationships. You can connect with us in our Private Facebook Group, on Twitter, or Instagram.

They Might Be Toxic Book & eBook

A quick easy guide to help you identify unhealthy patterns in your relationships by looking at:

  • Similar relationship patterns at work, home, and in the family.
  • How much freedom and autonomy you have within the context of a relationship.
  • How you are spoken to and the language of abuse.
  • Phrases or insults that replay in your head.

This book is for everyone because abusive relationships exist everywhere. Whether at work or at home, whether a family member or a person you’ve hired the patterns of abusive relationships are common. A toxic relationship can rob you of your joy and take an enormous amount of energy.

This guide will help you begin to untangle the toxic relationships in your life by empowering you to see them for what they are.

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